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Stromkolonie is a photographic observation of a relationship between people and nature, of the longing for recreation outside the city in lovingly tended vegetation, adapted to the conditions in the flooded area on the banks of the Danube. Only a few kilometres from Vienna, the first Danube bathing resorts were built around 1920, which were a summer meeting place for many middle-class Viennese families across all social classes. In the heyday, members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra played and intellectuals and artists enjoyed themselves. The „Anschluss“ put an abrupt end to this fashionable hustle and bustle on the Danube. The historian Lisa Fischer has proven that 80% of the bathhouses were declared Jewish property after 1938 and expropriated through Aryanisation.

Exhibition view by Sebastian Gansrigler at Off Grid Independent Foto Festival 2021 - Green Door Artist Space & Gallery

Media left: Lambda C-print Matte mounted on PVC 3mm

Media right: Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper 420x594mm

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